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About Us

No matter your pursuit, no matter your goals, we are here to find your perfect property. At Y S Properties, Developers and Builders, everything we do is aimed at providing an effective medium for users looking to buy land in and around Mysuru emanated by Santhosh Narayan Gowda, distinguished himself in the the terrain of real estate to lead his client with trust, Integrity and deep knowledge of land values, Regional Market knowledge, professionalism and personal support are a matter of course ever since 2006 to bring the decisive advantage to customers.

Also Completed Many Magnificent Projects Which Includes Amazing Amenities. Thus With Vast Experience In Developing About more than 10 Residential Projects In Mysuru along with more than 6 projects to be completed at the earliest.A Good Network Of Expertise And Financial Strength, the team is Help In Improving Quality Of Life Of People And Ensure That Progress Is Sustainable.

All Projects Have Been Accomplished As Per Regulations Of Mysore Urban Development Authority [MUDA] To Ensure That Only THE BEST Is Provided To Our Privileged Customers.

It's a privilege to state that Mr. Santhosh Narayan Gowda is also the authorized promoter of KBL Groups. Fast-forwarding to the present, Y S properties specialize in developing and marketing of sites and plots in Mysuru. As We have completed a number of projects and with each one of them, we have learnt and improvised ourselves in addition to upgrading our quality for the betterment of our customers as well as ourselves.

In conclusion, we have realized and understood the stress and pain that individual investors face in the real estate market pertaining to loans, documentation troubles, property possession etc., and have extended our services to them. We are always plugged-in about the market trends as Our Service is to Fulfill all your real estate needs safely and securely with Y S Properties, Developers and Builders. .

K.N Santhosh
Managing Director
YS Properties
Developers & Builders
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YS Properties

Our Core Values

As our team has grown, it’s become more and more important to identify and outline the core values that guide everything we do. Our core values develop and define our culture, our brand, our business strategies and who we are as professionals in today’s corporate world. It is our goal to consistently live these core values out in our lives on a daily basis and we encourage both our teammates and our clients to hold us accountable to these values.

  • Innovate and lead
  • Embrace accountability
  • Focus on solutions
  • Build relationships
  • Our Mission

    In addition to our core values, our mission statement more clearly defines our true purpose as an organization and further enhances our team culture. We are unified in consistently living out our core values and performing our professions in direct alignment with our mission statement.

    We are dedicated to providing world-class service and market-leading expertise to our clients. We are passionate about providing the extra value that others simply will not. Fanatical integrity and consistently impressive results will be the signature of our service. Our collaborative spirit and desire to grow will help us achieve the goals we set. We will make the families we serve feel special, creating raving fans, and help them truly win. We will succeed because we will not let our clients fail.

    Our Vision

  • We aim to be at the forefront of property marketing, and to provide tailored, innovative solutions that fit our client’s individual property and situations to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.
  • To make the Buying and Selling of Real Estate as Cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of service.
  • The best interest of our clients will always come first and we will place the clients concerns ahead of our own in each and every transaction, as we are dedicated to development of long- term client relationships.
  • To provide accurate and up-to-date information, skilled analysis and sound Real Estate advice.
  • To continually explore new ideas and technology, to make selling and buying of Real Estate faster, less costly and easier.